stranger in the moon as reply to What kind of Monster

Abraham Kim
moon cigar cheekbones
The bar's patrons fanned out. The  moon shone. It was brighter out here than it was in the bar when the power was out. The power was still out. But out here you could see. See well enough that is. There was a man. In a cowboy hat. In the...

rules don't apply to us as reply to 51329: The Page that Shouldn't Exist

Abraham Kim
AI cigar charismatic Suburban
That suit was strong for sure. Must workout more than someone who works out. I had told myself that I would workout for years. But I spent all my free time eating cheetos and reading about celebrities instead. One time I was reading about the morning routines of different scientists,...

wandering as reply to (A little side game of tennis)

Abraham Kim
cigar whiskey beer cigarette
I wandered aimlessly. Waiting to smoke my next  cigar . I already had a buzz going. So I'd hold off as long as possible before stopping in someplace for a  whiskey . You could make a buzz go long that way. The key was not to get into  beer too...

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Vienna Wacken Open Air cigar potatoes streaks steps concert Amaranthe Beyond The Black Gandalf The Shire cigarillos pipe snooze Work co-worker hot shower chicken broccoli hike
Another day is over, and I'm looking forward to a concert tomorrow in Vienna . Although I've seen both bands ( Amaranthe and Beyond The Black ) at least two times now, I always saw them as a pre-band or at the Wacken Open Air and never as a headliner...

Cigar event in Florida

cigars America cigar Florida
A few weeks ago, I was visiting my Grandmother. Since my aunt and uncle were also at her house, I had a cigar with my uncle (he was probably the one that sparked the interest in cigars a few years ago).

After a while, my aunt joined us and asked if...