cal considers retirement as reply to What he's got

Abraham Kim
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The next day Cal waited for Keith to come out of his room. Usually Keith was up late. He'd been getting up later and later since he was retired. This morning it was particularly late. Cal believed Keith was finally dead. He didn't know when it would be polite for...

Book Review - The Infinite and The Devine

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I just finished reading "The Infinite and The Devine" by Robert Rath. A scifi book set in the Universe of Warhammer 40.000 . This one focuses on the Necrons instead of great Space Marine battles.

The Necrons are an ancient race who have been asleep for many million years. Some did...
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I don't read 
how about you what's your faves?

I grew up liking scifi movies and stuff though. I just don't find enjoyment in the literary form of it.
Abraham Kim