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Short Stories

I got covid as reply to There we go again

Except I didn't. But I am in quarantine. Two negative tests, the homemade kind, and it doesn't matter I still got to quarantine. The other half - my half an orange - she got the positive result. She had the schniffles, she had the aches and the tiredness, but only...
2021-08-05 01:46:35


Pretend to do well, pretend you can sell, pretend that you're good, pretend that you know, pretend that you made it, pretend that you're there, pretend that you're not pretending, pretend that you care, pretend that you're not an impostor, not a impostor's impostor, not an avatar not a Borg,...
2021-08-01 01:05:33


This is the state of the world right now:

- Out of a city where a modern institute of virology produces countless viral samples in the course of its daily operations, it is easier to make people believe that a Chinaman ate a bat, like fuckin' Ozzy, and then infected the...
2021-05-27 23:35:55

Hol' up as reply to The Silhouette Challenge

So these hoes slut themselves out for the entire world to see, and then once a bunch of cunning pervs figure out how to see exactly what kind of merchandise they're selling, the media and self-righteous virtue signalers turn into cloistered fuckin' nuns and call for the dick guillotine.

2021-02-04 19:09:04

Get a fuckin favicon

How am I supposed to pick up a tiny black & white globe buried in a stack of 20+ tabs when I navigate away from here? I am highly displeased. Highly. Cease all refactoring. This is a major bug, and highly urgent business. Highly urgent. I had to close about...
2021-02-04 13:55:41

I'm a retard

It's official. I just YOLOd my life savings on Gamestop. Yes, I am gambling - that's why I'm a retard - but more than that, imagine, hopping onto the wildest ride in stock market history. One day, I will have gotten over my bankruptcy and I can look back and...
2021-01-27 17:40:00

My online muse

Adagia, like 200wad, is like an online muse. There's an allure to logging on and writing in a place that's made for writing. Sometimes I have thoughts which I keep to myself (or offline), or maybe often I have those thoughts, but other times I feel like saying what I'm...
2021-01-19 01:00:46

We need to talk about free speech

As with any thorny subject, it's good to undo the brambles and try to get down to the root of the issue before we start pruning indiscriminately. But we don't have the time, or maybe we just don't have the patience. Frankly, I'd say we don't really have the interest. 

2021-01-12 23:36:05

Let it bleed as reply to Mustafa

This comes up a lot in any discussion on art, and about artists, but especially about literature and about writers; they must serve truth. I guess they don't have to, but their work is pretty much garbage if they don't. Here's one truth: nobody likes made-up stories, but people love...
2021-01-09 01:46:51

Some thoughts on what we write about

 Been thinking about this...
There are two schools of thought out there. One is "write what you know" and the other is also that, but it is not understood to mean, "write about your life/lived experience". 

While the latter is self-indulgent and almost always semi-autobiographical, the former introduces the reader to amazing...
2020-12-26 23:10:21