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The Yurt Cooperative
Is Ranch a Luxury Sauce?

An almost full moon cast long shadows along the perimeter of the grounds. Everyone could see their breath in the cold rays of moonlight until the fire was roaring and the temperature amenable for their meeting. The coop was only 6 months old. With eight yurts and only four full...
2021-02-06 16:01:08

The Yurt Cooperative

The year is 2030. Advances in battery technology and decentralized power generation have allowed small bands of enthusiastic techno-primitivists to begin their glacial retreat from "the grid". Many such cooperatives have sprung up throughout the industrialized world. Their methods of self-financing are as varied as their denizens, but broadly revolve...
2021-02-06 15:17:07

Is the grass always greener?

October marked the eighth move I had made in the previous four years. It has been a turbulent, exciting time to be me. In one sense, some periods of my life can already feel like multiple life times ago. I'm sure someone has remarked more eloquently that nostalgia makes the...