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2020 has been a horrible year. 
I know everyone is saying that but I can't articulate just how much I loath this year. 

I do not recall a year where I have been this anxious, sad, terrified and hopeless. 
But I have also done more this year than any in recent memory. 

I remember...
RE: What have you changed your mind about over the last year?
therealbrandonwilson wrote an interesting post yesterday asking this excellent question and sharing his answer. 

I love such questions and the ability to honestly answer that from time to time. Since 2020 was really special in how dramatically different and difficult it was - I...
I had so many thoughts and emotions during the day today. So many things happened and I was glued to the TV almost all day.

The one thing that I hadn't expected was the poem by someone that looked like a teenager to me. Amanda Gorman. She was so powerful....
When I was a kid, I used to be a fanatic about justice and fairness. Now I see the same passion from my nephew and niece. "It is not FAIR"...they would say. Especially when things were clearly not right. I now believe that if most people do not experience unfair...
Many years ago, a close friend talked about a relationship he was in. The partner in the relationship accused my friend of not putting in enough in the relationship. "Why am I sacrificing so much?" was a common thing he heard. 

He then said to me that if one party feels...
Liked Vs Respected

Pick one - Liked Vs Respected.
I love asking these questions and hearing people's perspective.

After thinking about this a lot, I have come to feel that the two rarely happen together at the same time. 

I belong to the group of liked a lot of times. Though I have often seen that...
House of Cards
I started to watch the show again about a week ago. Right after I finished watching breaking bad for the second time. There seems to be a big difference in how I see these shows that I watched a couple of years ago. It makes me realize how much my...
I could never be a bodyguard. At least not for a random stranger that I am assigned to protect above my own my life.

How does anyone get convinced to do something like that? What is the sales pitch like from someone who is trying to convince anyone to do...
I have been watching several historical shows lately. I am learning a lot. I am beginning to appreciate learning more about history and its relevance to the present. .

Unfortunately, history is written by the victors. I am realizing as I get older than I didn't get to hear all...
Writing community fam.

I had to step away some weeks ago for health reasons. I want to say thank you to all the people that reached out and checked up on me. It was great to hear from this community at that difficult time. 

This started about mid January. My OURA ring...