Notes Following a Walk
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started 2020-12-11 19:33:17
Reflections on basically anything after I come back from a walk whenever I'm able to face the page right after.
Walking in the Transition to Evening
One of my favorite things about COVID is how full our neighborhoods feel. When I look out my window, my neighbor's lights are always on until the same time every night. On my walks, everyone seems to be home, especially during weekends. Or maybe I just feel their presence more...
Cold City
I'm somebody who likes to pride themselves on taking walks no matter the weather. I failed this time though. The air felt colder than dry ice against my skin. 

Yesterday morning a homeless man froze to death in the encampment that has formed in a park downtown these past few months....
College Ghost Towns
If you walk on Jordan Ave. south of campus, look north and you can see the university library from across town. The elevation of the terrain and no trees covering the path, seeing it will amaze you at how far a horizon can actually be. Usually I don't notice this...