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Indie Hackers
Abraham Kim
Dedicating yourself while remaining grounded
When I found 200WAD, what Baz was doing, no exaggeration, amazed me. Here was this young guy building his own product and community and I was a part of it meeting all these cool people around the world! I felt like I was in a special mastermind for how an...
About Indie Hackers
Notes about indie hackers. 

 You're an indie hacker if you've set out to make money independently. That means you're generating revenue directly from your customers, not indirectly through an employer. Other than that, there are no requirements! 

 Indie hackers are often solo founders, software engineers, and bootstrapped, but it's totally okay if you have cofounders, can't code, and have raised money. 

Definition from: https://www.indiehackers.com/about