Hello World

I randomly thought about this online community today on the way to church and felt both sad that I haven't had the time to write or participate, and guilty that I hadn't even thought to check in for weeks, maybe months. I'm still logged in, at least.

I've been thinking about intentionally putting aside my aspirational desires in certain creative areas, specifically music. There is a drum set set up behind me that I haven't played in many months. There are guitars behind me that I've touched maybe twice in the same period of time. It might be time to be honest about the fact that I do not have time or the mental space to again be creative in that area.

But writing is something I do not want to give up on. I still write on my blog but it's mostly just quotes of other people's good writing. I did create a writing page on my site but it did not kick-start any further work on my fiction project.

So anyway, Adagia randomly popped into my mind while driving up Abrams Road in Lake Highlands, Dallas, Texas this morning. I did not, and still do not, have any good ideas about what to write about. (That's not true, I have a couple of ideas, but no meat on those bones at the moment.)

So I stand here at my standing desk, Dave Matthews Band is the music randomly playing on my desk stereo speakers (recently-acquired Monoprice DT-5BT 60-Watt Multimedia Desktop Powered Speakers with Bluetooth, which I can recommend, although they are a bit bigger than I realized when I ordered them, they sound great for the price), typing a bunch of nothing into the white box.
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