The Cafe

as reply to pie

That day Blue woke up with a plan, throughout rehearsing he only thought of the plan. 

He was going to go to cafe and wait for her. Janice, he couldn't picture her exactly but he knew if he went in without the Blue and just waited he would find someone he recognized. I mean he went in there every day. There was always that guy in the chair with books and notes drinking only black coffee. Then the college kids, well he wouldn't remember them. But Janice is he is sure of it. 

After the work he went straight to shower and scrubbed so much at the end his face was red. How did he look before. Clean shaven, he used soap as shaving cream and made his cheeks smooth. Then he found his most dad looking clothes and left. 

He walked there, it was raining a little, then it stopped, then small drops touched his face. Leaves blew around him and he heard them crunch under his feet. The sign he could see now, just in the middle of the hill. A few more blocks. What if he didn't see her? How long would he wait? What did he used to order?
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