as reply to the stranger in the woods

He had the camera pointing at his face. Lights hot in a ring. He liked how it looked on his eyes like a cats or something. His parents told him it cost a fortune but he needed to make content. Just like the Blue Man. He would dance and dance. And he went through every one of his videos. Even the ones that were deleted. He didn’t mind, he would just buy them or go through the dark web. Sometimes you’d see some weird stuff but it was worth it. All your experiences influence your content. He had his thing too. Not like the blue man’s, which he thought was such a good idea, like a poem simple but powerful. His thing was his fake hands he would do everything like a normal person just with fake hands. Fake hand Freddie he would dance and do different things. For awhile he played chess kind of like an asmr thing, but people didn’t like it as much. Right now he just wanted to show his followers he was annoyed about the recent events. About that guy like falling on the Grand Canyon. But really he couldn’t care less, he couldn’t give a fuck. For some reason they told him he would get paid more if he made it good. So he thought about a long time ago, and tears welled in his eyes. Then he started recording 

Hey guys idk if you saw the news but like what the hell is wrong with people?! Why would anyone just jump off the Grand Canyon!? I bet he was pushed! 

He messed up the words. And started again, first something sad then. No not that. Again he started. No not right. Hmm. Again he thought about the sad thing and started again. This time it was believable and real he stared straight in the camera and he said everything to right. 

Why the fuck do they care about this. Some bum on the Grand Canyon, he’s fine even probably tripped looking for some money. He edited the video and put a nice cover picture.

Peter dinner. His mom called and he sighed posted the video and went down stairs. Turning off the lights. 
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