In a bush

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The fat man never killed a guy before. He thought of what the well dressed man said, 'you don't need to do it, just make sure it gets done'. He thought about that and looked at his hands. They were smooth, the work he did when he was a kid barely registered now. Its just his desk job really, but he knew some powerful people, but to kill. He bought a pack cigarettes,  smacking his hands, pushing the tobacco in place. He felt nervousness rise in his cheeks, and they flushed red. I don't know if I can do this. He remembered when he was a kid, he knocked his teeth out chasing his friend up the slide so much blood. He sighed. It doesn't have to be today, just needs to be done. He lit his cigarette and thought, but how?

The blue man at this point was still breathing heavily, and kept saying to himself. Mark, Mark, Mark. He was heading home, but then he realized to his old home this was his walk. He looked around though something had changed. He was out of it. Okay, she comes back in the afternoon thats when I got to go. He turned abruptly, and dodged a runner. I just got a go back, and ask her. His hands were shaking, and dumped his coffee in a bush. 
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