The Fat man walked out. His face was covered, but he knew he was spotted he knew that it was the Blue man. But seeing him like that he couldn’t kill him, his face had emotion on it, worried. At the last second he pulled away, but she wasn’t suppose to be his target. He turned down the street then turned again. Ripping his outer clothes off and putting the first overalls in one trash can. Then the others in another. Fuck. The man in the suit would know. 

Marc stood their frozen. To his left blood spattered on the wall and counter. To his right customers stared open mouth like koi fish. Below him the body of the only person that would be able to tell him anything. And above him the lights gently hummed. It was silent enough to hear it. Someone said call 911. But nobody moves eyes transfixed on Marc. Marc looked at his hands, then down. Then wept, he asked someone to call 911. Can’t you see she’s dying? But her breathe stopped before, right after she hit the floor. She didn’t feel any pain the emts would tell them. It’s something they say to comfort people. But with her, her face was so calm that everyone believed it. 
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lmao you forgot to link this. now this story is in three segments
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 good feature post write connection I always forget
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