Today, I went for a long walk in the city. Walking on the streets of Rethymnon, I see relics of the past, a column carved in limestone here, an old fountain there, a stone house with a low ceiling, a wide entrance, a large wooden door, and the interior lowered 40cm below the street level. This house, built hundreds of years ago, still stands. I take a picture and continue to walk. The city carries so much history. A mosque, a cafe, a little park, and a traditional market next to it. I look at the people. Nobody is in a rush. Everyone walks at a slower pace; no pressure; they will eventually arrive wherever they want to. We are on an island that stretches for about 8500 sq km.
 The pastries here are good; my favorite is the cheese pie. It is made with good quality local feta cheese and lots of olive oil. It is so nutritious that one, is enough for my luch. When I arrived near the beach, I saw a white house covered with palm tree leaves. To my surprise, I found two office chairs behind it (facing the sea). I sat on one of them and contemplated the view. The sea was calm today, it was warm and just a faint breze. I saw a grandpa in the water, another one further away swimming. A tourist way to dressed, walking past with a boombox playing german rap. I follow him with my regard and wonder where he comes from. The music slowly fades as he keeps on walking away. I look at the boats scattered on the open sea, pinned on the horizont line. I wonder how the coast looks from over there. I wonder if they can see me. Probably not, but I see them; and I also see something else further away and I think it's an island. Yes that's exactly what it is. An island! I open google maps and indeed it is Milos. Many of these Greek islands are scattered in the Aegean sea. I should visit them all, one by one, maybe next year.
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