Showing up (Yoga ashtanga mindset)

I've been practicing yoga ashtanga since nov 2018 and only now I  understand why it is meant to continue beyond the physical aspects of it (what happens on the mat).
One important aspect is showing up, six days a week, every day. This is a non-negociable. Usually the practice is done in the morning, and, to be able to do that you must keep your life a bit under control. Burgers and beer before bed? Hmm,, maybe not otherwise I won't be able to do Marichyasana the next day. Clubbing all night long? Hmm, maybe not, otherwise I'll not be able to wake up at 6 and be in the shalla at 7 to do my daily practice. Having sex with multiple partners and engaging in a sort of promisquos lifestyle? Maybe not the best idea, I may not want to take on other people's energy in my own energetic body and have to cope with clearing up a mess that is not mine. Moreover, I have enough emotional baggage to sort out myself. I think SEX is the tricky'est one. At least for me. 
Another aspect is showing up. If you don't show up, you just can't pretend you are practicing Yoga Ashtanga. If you show up, you develop a routine, and that will help you when things get hard and you'll need to cope. The practice will be there to support you in those hard days.