House cleaning

Keeping your home clean and organised is essential if you're going to enjoy living there. Unfortunately, your home isn’t going to stay clean alone, no matter how careful you are. 

My wife and I hire a cleaner for a regular fortnightly clean. Bathrooms, carpets, floors, kitchen and toilets are the main focus, and when the cleaning is complete, there is a strong eucalyptus aroma that reeks of cleanliness.

It's okay to hire help to clean the areas of the house that you don't want to clean. It can be an excellent motivator to get things put away or tidied up when you know tomorrow is cleaning day, and your house won't get as clean if the cleaner has to clean around all your stuff.

However, a cleaner can't clean everything, so there are a few routines that we need to undertake to maintain our clean home. Staying on top of the dishes, not letting the clothes washing pile up, and generally putting things away after you use them can help keep the house uncluttered. After all, cleaning is a practice, not a project.

Cleaning is not my favourite home activity, but often it is unavoidable, and knuckling down to get it done is what I need to do.
I, too, have a maid who shows up fortnightly. Money well spent!
2021-03-14 16:18:22