Empty Calendar

I was supposed to write something quite fun (at least for me) but got really distracted by the fact that a major client decided to cancel our project halfway through. So I decided to park that idea maybe for tomorrow or Tuesday. 

I am not bothered because I knew the nature of the project right from the start. I went in knowing it would be a rough ride and by playing my own devil's advocate, I managed to detach myself from it. Thankfully I did. More importantly, this is one of those rare times (bad practice alert, lol) that I put in a kill fee in the contract. It's not an uncommon practice to include this clause, yet when it finally gets implemented, it just feels... strange. I am strangely relieved like a weight was taken off my chest. 

The point of this entry is to just let it out that I am not sure what I'm going to do next. I'm still pretty packed, but now a huge chunk of my daily calendar is 'empty' until the end of March. 2-3 hours tops per day. Weekends not included. So this is how it feels like to be a slave of my own calendar, scrambling around to find what else to do since I already mapped out the next two weeks. I'm really disoriented right now, but I guess this is life's way of telling me to calm down a bit and maybe try something new.
YOU GOTTA DUMPLING. okay i'm not giving you my next one. I'll read this later and reply actually hehe. i just got some CREPES NOW IN REAL LIFE!!
2021-03-14 16:11:05
It is interesting to read your reaction to suddenly having free time that you have not planned for. I have all these ideas of what I would be doing if I didn't have the day job, yet I notice when I do have a day off, I end up wasting a chunk of it. Maybe I need to create a "free time" list of things that I can refer to when free time presents itself or I have managed to carve out some free time.
2021-03-14 16:17:01
Woah a kill switch on the contract. While reading this I interpreted that this job was DOA the moment you successfully detached yourself from it? Do you think if you had not detached that there was a chance that the project might've continued? Are you able to give more details on this? This is fun and interesting! 
2021-03-14 20:00:49