Full support of the board

When an Australian Football League (AFL) coach hears that he has the "full support of the board", they know it is just a matter of time before being fired as the coach.

With a new football season about to start, speculation is already building on which coaches are in the firing line this year. The coaches who have had little success in recent years could expect the "full support of the board" early in the season if their team does not perform well.

Coaching at the highest level of football is a pressure cooker situation for the coach. The fans want wins and premierships, and the board, who manages the club, are often all too willing to give the fans the coaches head on a stick, figuratively speaking.

Sacking a coach mid-season is a common occurrence, and in most cases, a caretaker coach is appointed to see out the season. The caretaker coach usually comes from the assistant coach ranks and will do everything he can to keep the coaching job next season. 

But, history is not kind to the caretaker coach. Rarely does the appointment of a caretaker coach result in success in the subsequent seasons, and it is never too long before they can expect the "full support of the board." 
I wonder what the phrase is for a winning coach who has virtually no chance to be fired?
2021-03-16 13:16:50
The GM and the coach are then fighting over their star player.
2021-03-16 16:33:38

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