Local Idea Stacking

Stringing words together isn't a requirement for living. Yet, many of us jump out of bed and think jumping on the keyboard to convey our thoughts is a great idea.

Community participation this morning had me digging into the thoughts of others. I read some Haiku and memories about childhood and comparison between church and Twitter. All good stuff. And yet.

And yet, I notice that neither reading nor writing is getting me closer to any destination or goal I have in mind. I'm making up new stops for the bus to make and the driver is happy to oblige. Rather than a 4-day cross-country express, it may become a 4-day trip to the corner store.

It's easy to read other people's stories and get draw into their world. It's enjoyable even. Athena drops phones on her face, Abe learns how to swear, and Brandon remembers the speech impediments from his early years. These are my friends.

Stepping back into my own world today, I'm going to create different mental connections. Instead of linking my activity to future outcomes, I'm going to focus on stacking ideas — one on top of the other. This way, I'll be working in the moment and at least, at the end of the day, I'll have a stack of ideas of my own making.
Ah yes. I believe that when I think of you, I imagine someone very connected with other people's ideas. They invigorate you. Is this you beginning to realize you want to also foster that vigorous connection to your 'local ideas'? I really would like to read words from you about one topic. It's hard but it's cool because the benefit of writing the 10th post about topic A offers more than writing 2nd post about topic E. This is my current hypothesis. I'll have to see what I think later.
2021-03-16 16:30:10
no wonder you're ideabrian! i always tell you that you have so much of it
let me show you my admiration by gifting you with...

Poetry Slam

brian --he got ideas
he stackin', he sharin'
what he snackin' ?
what he snortin' ?
2021-03-16 16:33:16
I view a lot of what I do here as just BS'ing. It's the virtual version of just sitting around and telling stories and having a good time. Writing here doesn't have to lead to some end goal for me. I'm probably the opposite--more enthralled with my own ideas than those of others. 
2021-03-17 15:28:16
I'm just getting into The Practice
so I'm looking forward to seeing what role virtual version of just sitting around and telling stories and having a good time

As of now I'm not sure if Godin is advocating for the 'hardcore become a maker take the craft seriously all the time!' approach or something that also highlights the benefit of the pub-like hangout thing you speak of.

I remember having dinner with a well traveled woman in Finland. She told me that the best storytellers were Irish. She said that they spent the most time telling stories because they would sit around for hours -- at the pub or at home -- just snacking and drinking and filling in gaps of time with tales.

2021-03-18 14:30:03