The Internet Mob

Today on Twitter, a fellow who had been accused of rape recently came out and proved his innocence. Alas, the screenshots of the supposed victim were fabricated. The accused had his name and achievements dragged through the mud throughout last week.

He was vindicated today. The "social justice warriors" who had heralded the victim's claims without hearing the other party came out apologising.

Whenever a rape victim comes out, anyone who asks the victim for proof or evidence is labelled a rape apologist. They are told it's unfair to shift the burden of prove to a victim. This has now led to a situation where when anyone comes out as a rape victim, she is believed and defended before anything else. We've had an unfortunate event of a fellow who committed suicide after he was wrongly accused and the Twitter mob won't hear listen to his side of the story.

I'm not that smart, thus I don't have a fully formed opinion on this issue yet.

However, it's getting clear that nothing good ever comes out of the internet mob.
I believe all mobs are dangerous because they disallow for nuance and context because they try to come up with a sweeping absolute answer for all. But the world isn't that way. 

Your example of rape-victim-shall-never-be-challenged made me wonder if this was a common phenomenon in Nigeria as well. In the U.S it's a very hot button issue since early 2010s
2020-12-30 01:16:37
Naval talks about how Science is under this same attack. The politically polarizing impact of something like COVID has goaded certain people into mobbing over questioning science. 

But Naval argues that the point of science is to question and try to falsify the hell out of it. Otherwise it's actually not science and just religion.
2020-12-30 01:27:01
"Innocent until proven guilty" seems to have gone out the window for hot-button topics like this one. I am reminded of the Friends episode when Monica gets into the cookie-making business and created a line of people banging on her door to get more cookies. She opened the door and saw Joey was among the group and exclaimed, "Joey!?" His reply, "Sorry, mob mentality."
2020-12-30 15:36:07