Default: Slow

I awoke this morning from a tilted slumber. The crew stayed awake all night working through the wee hours. By the time the sun started its rise, the ship put to sea and the crew tucked in for a few hours rest. I woke first among them and set to the captain's log.

The first few hours of any day should be taken slow. It's not easy to sleep on a boat at sea and upon rising, your balance may be off. Slow and steady, is the sailor's cry; and so did I; I moved slow indeed.

Entering the galley I was greeted by the sunshine and chipper of my first mate. "Ready for some grub captain?" he enquired. "Aye mate" - I replied in turn. Thus the morning had begun.

At first wake I spotted a siege of herons off to port - a lovely migratory pattern indeed. As we move through the day, we'll be sailing at the whim of the sea and sail. The waters are calm and the breeze gentle. My guess is we'll be clipping along — default: slow.
I imagine being at sea can either make you feel zen with the fact that you are there and can't do anything else or ultimate, desperate, fomo of wanting to be back on land ASAP.

I bet how one feels at sea says a lot about how they might feel on a regular day on land.
2021-03-19 17:35:32