Weekend review

I just finished a "weekly review"...a long overdue weekly review. I time-box my weekly reviews to two hours because otherwise I would be backlog swimming until dawn. I have a card (page) template in Notion:

  • [ ] Time-block this time
Paper inbox: 30min
  • [ ] Open unopened mail
  • [ ] Capture any next actions
  • [ ] Throw away what can be thrown away
  • [ ] File what needs to be filed
Email inboxes: 30min
  • [ ] Inbox Zero [I use this technique]
  • [ ] Declare day of jubilee on newsletters
  • [ ] Get anything with next action onto the board
  • [ ] Grind through the rest
  • [ ] Close email at 30 min
Review boards: 60min
Today I got to "Groom the Backlog". "Prioritize Backlog" is incredibly aspirational. I should remove that one. I'm going to do that right now. Done.
(There are 233 items still in the "backlog" after tonight's almost hour of grooming. I started with the oldest items this time, many of which were still very relevant.)
(I should have taken note of how many there were at the start. Somewhere between 250-299.)

I'm much worse about my paper inbox. I got through "Open unopened mail", although I did take care of a couple of those things in real time instead of just throwing them into that massive backlog. 😂
Do you have any important correspondence via paper mail? I imagine for most paper mail is strictly bills/business.
2021-03-22 19:22:01
Well this time of year there is a lot of tax paperwork in the snail mail. Typically I'm a month or two behind in opening snail mail, though.
2021-03-24 23:26:04