Trophies collect dust

As much as I enjoyed playing sport as a kid, I never excelled at any sporting endeavour in particular. When it came to trophies, the only award I received was for being the "Best Under 14 Reserve" player at the Heatherdale Football Club. It was a long way from being one of their best players, but it was a nice consolation for my efforts playing in the backline.

We can all be a little humble and say we play for the love of the game and not the accolades, but deep down, we do like to be rewarded with a trophy now and then.

It took me nearly forty years to win my next trophy. Since 2013, I have been competing in the Zoom Zoom Club's motorsport championship. Rookie of the Year and Motorsport Champion have been two of the trophies that I have won. Though the trophies have been great, they are not the most important reason why I compete. 

I compete in motorsport because it provides me with the most satisfaction of any sport I have participated in. I get to compete with a lot of like-minded enthusiasts, who also enjoy competing without punting me off the track. Any accolades and trophies that might come my way are a tertiary consideration.

You should always keep in mind that "trophies collect dust, but memories last forever."

Zoom Zoom