A Productive Weekend

This weekend was productive.  I am now a full week in to Project Freedom and the affiliate marketing course. I'm beginning  to gain a bit more clarity in my area of focus for affiliate marketing, which I will talk about in more detail on a future post.  

This weekend I completed two modules from the course and built a home page for the website I'm creating. 

I have a broad plan for my overall, big picture strategy, although this early on, many of the specific pieces still have to be put into place.  

Much of affiliate marketing is content generation, so coming up with a content strategy is going to be important.  I'm currently deciding what type of content I want to create and feel like the path of least resistance to start is going to be writing. I've been thinking about Medium as the outlet for posting longer form content, but am open to suggestions as well.  I also like the idea of a YouTube channel along with a podcast, but I don't want to jump too far ahead and try to do everything at once. 

I'm trusting the process and taking one day at a time. One week in and I'm way further ahead of where I was a week ago. I'm excited and ready to put in another week of work towards freedom. 

Great progress. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the announcement of your area of focus, which of course will be sex toys. 🤣🍆
2021-03-29 13:32:29
I was just about to put that i'm anxious awaiting to but Brandon beat me to it. 
2021-03-29 14:01:30