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So I've been a few days in 
now. I travelled here with my uncle and my best friend to smoke some
and have a fantastic
. I'm really enjoying the trip but skip on today's "cigar lounge sitting", so I've got some time in the
on my own. Great to get some thoughts together.

As we were leaving the other 
Bonita Springs
(we are now in 
), an idea struck my head: I've been working full-time remotely now since September last year, so why not do it in the
? Of course, I would have to ask my workplace for permission and figure stuff out, but beforehand I'll have to see if I can pay it anyways.

Well, it turns out I can't with my current income. Staying a month in Florida (Bonita Springs, Miami, 
Fort Lauderdale
or any other place) would cost at least 1k USD. Thinking about food and stuff that would add at least a few hundred more dollars. Since I've got a mortgage running on my Apartment back in 
, a car to pay for and many other expenses that wouldn't stop, I can't do it. There is no way to calculate that number in a way that fits 🙈. So that's a no for no, but I think I will keep that idea in the back of my head. Well, it would also mess with my idea to buy a dog by the end of this year, but that's for another story.
lol what about the 
 makes you consider living here?
2023-05-21 12:24:26
Probably not the US in particular, but near a beach would be nice, with easy access to 
 and I would be fine :)
2023-05-22 00:55:15