Blinkist and a general Update

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Although I'm normally on the path to reducing monthly payments, I recently had a look at Blinkist ( I noticed that I've been reading way too little in the last few weeks.

They've got a seven-day trial, so no money was "wasted" yet, but I'll admit I find their summaries pretty...

Living in the USA?

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So I've been a few days in  Miami now. I travelled here with my uncle and my best friend to smoke some cigars and have a fantastic vacation . I'm really enjoying the trip but skip on today's "cigar lounge sitting", so I've got some time in the Airbnb on...

Grandfather Stories
Ear Shot

Austria 1936 second world war dreaming
My grandfather  was born in 1936 , so he was 9 when the second world war ended and lived through some horrors after the war. Since he was at that age, it also meant that his memory was fully built (I think I've read somewhere that this happens after the...

What to do with 2000€ per Month

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Yesterday I bought a "Brieflos", a small paper thingy which you rip open and inside it says if you won something. The kind I bought hold the premise of getting 2000€ per Month for ten years: "Zehn Fette Jahre" (“Ten fat years”).

From the two I bought I got one...
Selling Plasma
In the states you can do 104 times! twice a week

as always i'm biased into thinking the limit in 
is more humane and the ones in the states is biased towards profit and neglecting the humans lol.

What would you do durng your donation period?
Abraham Kim