AstraZeneca Experience

Almost a month ago I was vaccinated with AstraZeneca. Sadly there is a bunch of bad news about it. Some countries even stopped using it, just to start using it again a few weeks later.

Because of all that bad stuff that people are talking about, I want to share my experience on the vaccination day and the days afterwards.

Everything started on Friday, about an hour before I would receive the vaccine. I knew there would be some side effects (especially fever was reported by a bunch of paramedic colleagues). So I took 500 mg of Paracetamol.

I got the vaccine just after 3 pm and proceeded to enjoy the afternoon and evening at home. Since I knew about the fever, I took another 1000 mg of Paracetamol 6 hours after the shot (at 9 pm).

At that time nothing special happened. My arm was a little bit sore, but I didn't feel anything.

Fast forward to 3 am on Saturday.
I woke up with a little bit of shivering. Again, nothing unexpected. Another 1000 mg of Paracetamol and a cherry stone pillow (warmed in the microwave) and I was back sleeping again.

Then things started to get worse. I woke up at 9 am, with only a little bit of "power" in my body. A quick fever check. 38.8°C. Nothing alarming, but considering I already took 2500 mg of Paracetamol, it was pretty high. I added another 500 mg of Paracetamol to my body and proceeded to lay on the couch in my living room and watch TV.

As a Sidenote: Reading the intake recommendation of the Paracetamol medicine (trade name in Austria: "Mexalen"), it states a maximum dose of 2000 mg in a 24 hour period.
My intake was already 1500 mg above the limit, although I had consulted my family doctor and knew that for my weight (100 kilograms) I can at least take 20 000 mg before bad things happen. Never overdose on something unless you know what you're doing! (Also: this is not medical advice!)

The fever stayed throughout the day and also my arm wasn't happy about the injury the day before.

I took another 1000 mg of Paracetamol at 3 pm and 9 pm.

As I woke up on Sunday I felt completely refreshed, almost as nothing has happened on Saturday. A really strange experience.
It will be interesting to see how my body will react to the second dose in a few weeks.
Interesting data. As far as I am aware, the Astra Zeneca vaccine has not been approved by the FDA to be used in the US yet. I'm glad to see you back in action and back in adagia.
2021-04-02 15:09:49
Thanks for sharing this. The whole time I was reading I was scared that something terrible was awaiting at the end.

> Never overdose on something unless you know what you're doing! (Also: this is not medical advice!)

Lmao this rhetoric made me laugh really hard.
2021-04-02 16:09:48
Oh and glad to see you and your words on here : )
2021-04-02 16:10:00
Thanks for the warm welcome :)
The urge to write (and publish) was really large the last couple of days, so I thought why not write again?
2021-04-02 17:46:49