Gratitude 2020

All God does in the earth, he does through people.

I'm so grateful for the gift of people this year. In a very wild year, where something as simple as getting a haircut was a luxury, you gotta be thankful for anything you've got.

Thankful for friends who were always around all year long. We couldn't see physically, but technology ensured we weren't far apart. Typing this right now, I'm trying to imagine how horrible a pandemic of this kind would have been without telecommunication of any kind.

Thankful also for this budding community, the original crew is getting back and it's exciting. 

Also very thankful for Abe this year, my internet buddy of the year straight up.

I'm so bullish about 2021.

Let's do this.
Brandon just agreed with everything in this post! Which means I'm internet buddy of the year to both of you!!! haha jk. Cheers to the new year! Crazy how synergistic all our energies are.
2021-01-01 17:37:28