So I know I broke the streak. But I think I found the perfect time to write. I’m currently sitting in my Car, waiting for it to charge for at least another thirty minutes.
I bought an expensive foldable wood “table” to use on the driver side, so why not put it to use?

I think it must look strange from outside, a guy sitting way low down in the car, and looking at something. Funnily my iPad is small enough, so I don’t think it is easily spotable from outside the car.

Also I can use the dictate function, so I don’t even have to write something out :) although I need some training in English speaking before I can really take advantage of it.

Who knew having an electric car would help on the writing habit? Charging is a necessity. Why shouldn’t I use the 10 to 50 minutes for something meaningful? Only downside, with my daily commute I probably won’t be writing daily, as I don’t need to charge daily. But that’s something for another post :)
Ah so as long as battery technology doesn't improve too much then we can get the Paramedic Stories written?

Imagine in the future when internet bloggers are talking about how this great series was written by a paramedic while he waited for his car to charge. WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE???
2021-04-14 16:52:47
Sitting in the cockpit of a Tesla sounds like as good a place as any to crank out a post.
2021-04-14 17:34:21