After Duty Ritual

Although I’m not sure if this applies to all paramedics, I think most of us do something after their duty / shift.

As you might have guessed buy now, I was doing a Paramedic shift today (from 7am til 7pm). I wasn’t in duty for over a month so I was kinda looking forward to it. A few missions later, fast forward to my ritual :)

The first thing to do when coming home, getting rid of the uniform and taking a hot shower. Nothing disconnects you more from the day than that. After that I putting on my pyjamas (even if I do a night shift).

Then it is time to decide what to eat (normally some junk food, today it is a pizza out of the freezer and some olives).  While the meal is preparing, I go to my whisky “shrine” which I’ve got in my living room and decide what to drink (Tomatin it is today). Sometimes I also grab a beer. I’m not drinking to get drunk, but I don’t want to drink water or some kind of 

Then the hard part comes, deciding which movie to watch. Sometimes I watch some TV show, but I don’t want to invest 20 episodes after a long shift. Most of the time this takes the longest (for example today).

After eating and watching a movie I’m normally really tired (well, the alcohol also plays a role) and it is time to go sleeping. And that is pretty much it. Now, I really need to decide what to watch. My pizza gets cold :)
Lmao I feel like anyone with tough jobs has routines like this. They wanna veg (like vegetable) out and just kind of sink into a couch with something refreshing and something tasty. 

My dad is like this on tough work days. 

I remember one time back in the old 200WAD you writing about watching something and even wondering whether you thought it was even fun. Let us know what you think about SAFE lol
2021-04-17 20:43:14
Ahhh to be young again. That ritual sounds great, but I know I'd pay for it. Regarding TV shows, can't you just watch a few episodes and save the rest for another time?
2021-04-18 13:15:32
I almost went the path of becoming a Statham fan in high school. Once college arrived I strayed away from him.

I still do watch anything with Sly or Schwarzenegger haha
2021-04-18 16:11:44