Sleep Cycle Destroyed?

Well, I did something bad yesterday and continued to do it today. :)

After watching SAFE I continued watching stuff (Crank & Crank 2) until it was long after midnight. I woke up relatively late at 10 or 11 today. I stayed in bed and watched some YouTube on my iPad. I finally got out of bed at around one pm.

I walked from bed to couch and started to watch The Simpsons. It wasn’t long until I feel asleep on the couch. The whole “process” continued until now (almost 7 pm) and I’m not really tired.

The thing is, I need to wake up tomorrow at 5 am because I need to be at work at 5:45. I think I will change from the couch to bed again and start reading. Hopefully I will be tired enough by 9 pm so I can still get my 8 hours of sleep for tomorrow. We’ll see.
Lmao. this scenario makes me laugh so much. Not because you may be in for some suffering due to wacky sleep but because of the things that are causing it. I'm thinking Jason Statham breaking necks and Bart Simpson yelling eat my shorts! while you doze off on your couch in your pajamas.
2021-04-18 16:46:19
Ahhh to be young again and get away with shenanigans like these with minimal consequences.
2021-04-18 20:03:04