Re: Corruption

wrote about corruption. I cleared off what I'd typed three times when I was trying to comment on the post. There was just too much to write.

Corruption is complex. It's way more complex in developing nations. In such a society, corruption is systemic. You can't run from it. You can only choose a sensible threshold.

When the effects of corruption further deepen inequality in an already poor nation, those at the base; artisans, the poor, the blue-collar workers simply join in. Not necessarily because they want to, but basically as a means of survival.

You have to "tip" a random civil servant so you can enjoy state services.
The unemployed father might have to reconnect his power (electricity) via the backdoor at least for the sake of his kids.
And so on.

How about piracy? I recall the exact point in time when it occurred to me that, most of the books, software and PC games CDs I'd ever bought as a teenager were pirated. I felt bad. But then, I asked myself, even if I could access an original Windows Office Suite CD or Windows 98/ME OS disc would I have been able to afford it? The answer is No. Aside that, I never actually saw an original software as a kid. In the early 2000s, I could bet anything that all we had in Nigeria were pirated.

In a society where many are still struggling at the base of Maslow's ladder, right or wrong ceases to be the question. You can only hope your neighbour has a reasonable threshold of "wrong" things he won't do.
Oh I totally agree with this post. And I get it. It is more systemic and the causes are sometimes from outside than within. I know that in Ethiopia, the diaspora community is guilty of raising the inflation in the country to a ridiculous extent that the local people suffer because of it. This is indeed a complex issue especially in counties in Africa. Thank you for this well written response Seun. 
2021-01-03 00:13:37
I feel like when someone above us on the societal ladder breaks the rules we consider it corruption, while when it's someone at our level or below us we call it something else. 

Logically this doesn't make sense but I think the human experience isn't a logical one. lol
2021-01-03 18:35:26
That is a very interesting perspective Sir Abe. A unique type of cognitive dissonance. Very interesting. 
2021-01-03 19:15:06