It shouldn't leak

It is a sad reality for owners of early-model soft-top convertibles that the soft-top would always leak. At one point or another, water will seep through the window seams or the A-frame seals whenever it rains or even when you get a car wash. Aside from making sure the top and the rubber weather strips are fresh, having a towel in the car to cover the wet seats and wipe off water droplets was always mandatory.

It's the extent of the leak and where it's leaking from that you've got to worry about. Some leaks aren't so bad because you can see the water coming in. But, some areas can leak, and before you know it, your carpets are saturated. If you're not careful, it can leak water into the electrical components, which can cause all sorts of trouble.

Seriously, it shouldn't leak, and if it does, it will either need a slight adjustment of the window glass or down to worn rubber seals that are easily replaced. There's really no good reason to live with a leaky roof.

I can happily say that none of my roadsters has leaked water through the roof. However, the soft-top does wear over time, and you need to make sure you maintain it properly.
This makes me take a hard pass on a soft top. The potential for leaks outweighs the benefits.
2021-04-28 12:52:49

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