Hairdresser's car

The Mazda MX-5 has often been referred to as a "hairdresser's car". This reference is used if you want to insult the owner of an MX-5. The term "hairdresser's car" refers to an entry-level sports car that is just cheap enough for the person you are insulting to afford but not quite cheap enough for you to afford.

I am sure that the term is being used to label the Mazda MX-5 as not a genuine sports car. Perhaps they are trying to say that it is a vehicle that favours style over substance, where looking good is preferable to talking about brakes and handling.

Sure, the Mazda MX-5 may be modestly powered, but once you give it a squirt, its true characteristics show through. Its balance and excellent road handling make it one of the most enjoyable cars to drive. It is no wonder the Mazda MX-5 is the best selling two-seater sports car in the world.

I can't remember ever laughing at anyone referring to my MX-5 as a hairdresser's car. Frankly, it's like listening to a broken record. Tell me something I don't know, but don't, for the love of the MX-5, call it a hairdresser's car.
That's a funny insult, and I wonder what actual hairdressers think of it.
2021-05-01 14:26:03

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