New experience

Today I met a functional medicine doctor for the first time ever. 
I have read enough books that promote seeing a holistic doctor. Due to the state of the healthcare system in the US, a person usually gets assigned a doctor based on the most recent symptoms. That is usually followed by a prescription medication. Which is usually followed by an onset of side effects. 

I joined several health related groups on Facebook over the last few years. I found that a lot of us in the group shared similar nightmare experiences with conventional medicine. That made me realize that the issue wasn't me but the healthcare system as a whole. Ever since then, I have been particularly mindful of the doctors I work with and the lab work they order. So I decided to see a functional medicine and try and get some of the detailed bloodwork I have wanted to do for sometime. 

After extensive searching, I found a doctor and made the appointment to see her today. The appointment lasted 2 hours and it felt more like an interview than my usual doctor's appointment. I got questions that I have never been asked before. A complete family history in addition to my own health history beginning form when my mom was pregnant with me. It was a different experience. 

After all the questions, I was hoping for something profound but there wasn't anything at the end. I was able to get some of the bloodwork I was curious about so that makes me happy. But a lot of things with functional medicine including the doctor's appointment isn't covered by insurance so it is a very expensive experiment for me. Due to the cost, I have very high expectation - which I know isn't a good start to something. However, I am willing to try different things to get to understand my body better and have more control over my future. 

I found a functional medicine doctor through SteadyMD, and it's been a much better experience than my previous experiences with traditional doctors. I hope that you'll get the answers you seek.
2021-04-30 12:39:29
Although I’m not exactly sure if I translated the term “functional” doctor correctly (and understand it), it is definitely a direction worth trying.

I have to admit (because of my limited medical knowledge and paramedic being), I’m generally sceptical every treatment out there. My grandfather just started chemo therapy on something that might have lived in is body since ever. Was it really necessary that he started such an demanding procedure in his mid 80s (especially because he was/is symptom free)?

Why don’t try something different (or his case, just live on)?

I’m hoping you’re getting what you want, specially, when you have to pay yourself.
2021-04-30 15:03:10
  - even in the US, conventional medicine is all about business. Functional medicine looks at everything as a whole and works on prevention and nutrition as opposed to just treating symptoms. I think it is a necessary option for anyone with chronic conditions. My grandfather also had a lump, right on his face to the side. But since it would be too risky, they never did anything. He lived with the lump for decades and died at 93. Chemo does a lot to the body so in the 80s, it is a tough call. 

2021-04-30 15:37:06
I never heard of that site before 
  - I am going to shop around. If there is one thing I have come to realize, I need to do a lot of shopping and researching before I accept anyone who could have any impact on my health. Particularly given my chronic conditions. 
2021-04-30 15:38:24