Why I like these pieces in particular, and what elements of them I most want to mimic in my own work.

Gibson for sure coined the word cyberspace. I think he coined "the matrix", which the movie trilogy stole without embarrassment. He coined a lot of words in his books.
Gibson wrote about futuristic, difficult to visualize worlds, both the physical and the virtual. He flipped between those two. But he did so in extremely evocative ways and he quickly painted the scenes with words.
His writing is punchy.
His writing moves fast.
His plots are not straightforward or clear.
His worlds are immediately vast.
Gibson is a quintessential Gen X writer.
He combined his hyper-futuristic worlds with normal shit from the time in which he wrote. Analog televisions. Arcades. But it all makes sense. It doesn't make sense on the face of it, but while reading it it does, and it allows us climbing holds with which to make sense of his worlds.
His writing is gritty.
When Maggie told us to aim for 500 Words for next week I felt like you, 
and I were well prepared (at least for the quantity portion) thanks to our old homeland of
  haha. Good to have seen you two on video : )
2021-05-01 19:24:14
I thought the same! And ditto on getting to see you. :)
2021-05-02 03:26:08
Likewise you two. I was expecting more of us there for some reason. 

I actually panicked about the 500 words. I want to say more with less words so 500 feels like more than I have been allowing myself to write. I want to practice with 200 words or less. But it seems like this is a prep for a longer format of writing than our daily posts so makes sense. 
2021-05-02 03:35:43

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