Payroll progress

The payroll system implementation project at work is going along quite well. The existing payroll process uses a manual calculation of the timesheet data, which is then manually entered into the pay run. The new payroll process will ingest timesheet data and then calculate the pay run automatically. That is the process I accomplished today in my first test.

On reconciling the two pay runs, I was pleasantly surprised by how close the pay run outputs were. The new payroll system automatically applies several complex award rules, so I expected it to identify additional pay item penalties. Other differences were related to the quality of the timesheet data and the adjustment inherent in a manual entry system.

I will now focus on improving the quality of the timesheet data and configuration of the new payroll system to handle some of the fringe scenarios.

I like the forensic analysis this project requires. I enjoy honing in closely on the data and investigating why things don't match. Combined with some eureka moments, the project is quickly taking shape.

There is still a bit of work to be done, as I am yet to tackle leave accruals, deductions and superannuation. But I am making some progress, and I expect I will have it ready, well before our 1st July deadline.
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2021-05-06 15:52:00