The 4th pillar

There 4 pillars that make doing great work and moving mountains possible: 

The first pillar is a great idea — a vision of the future that would genuinely make things better. 

The second pillar is a good team that shares your vision, because it is only in through team work where everyone’s collective dreams become possible. 

The third pillar is initiative, a bias towards action to bring the idea to reality. 

As robust as these three pillars might seem, they alone are not sufficient for great work.

There’s a 4th pillar — the pillar that you and your team will need to rely on to summon energy during the most trying parts of the journey: the unshakeable belief — the conviction — that what you’re trying to achieve is possible. 
I feel like the way this describes conviction makes it seem similar to willpower. Just like 
James Clear
Atomic Habits
prefers to setup a productive environment rather than humans willing themselves to be productive,

I believe it's keystone to actually just scope possible little things so that you don't have to will yourself unshakable convictions.

Over time these little scoped possibilities will add up to look like a total impossibility to the outside, if the team sticks with something long enough of course lol
2021-05-07 19:26:35
I an envision a Marie Kondo-like consultancy for people who want to 'productivity hack' their environments. 

The consultancy is tasked with applying the latest research on focus & productivity to specific environmental tweaks to maximize focus. 
2021-05-11 21:23:43