There is always a risk

Randy's day at Sandown Raceway hadn't started well. In the first practice run of the day, he had an off-track excursion, hit the guard rail, and damaged his car.

As I drove towards turn six, I could see the yellow flag being waved, indicating an issue ahead, so I needed to take care. As I rounded the turn, I could see Randy's car on the infield, and he was leaning on the fence looking dejected. 

It looks like there was significant damage to the front of his car, as well as the guardrail. Not only will he have to pay for the damage to his car, but he will also get a bill to fix the dented guardrail.

It seems that Randy can't take a trick. He had an altercation with a Ford Mustang on the track at Bathurst last November, damaging his front guard, and now today, he has damaged his car again. It highlights the perils of taking your car onto the race track. There is always a risk of damaging your car when you push it to its limits on the track. When your car gets damaged, there can be a huge cost to fix it.

The car was hoisted onto the trailer, and Randy's day was done. I am sure that this episode will not dampen Randy's enthusiasm for the track. He is a seasoned campaigner, and he will be back on the track soon.
Poor Randy. If the guardrail is still up and just dented, I ask why does it need to be fixed? Serves as a good reminder.
2021-05-08 12:56:28
There is a safety issue, and they don't like to leave the guardrail in a damaged state. If it has been hit, it is weakened and has to be restored to its former condition.
2021-05-09 08:14:13

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