40 Years of Zen

What if there's a way to get the benefits of decades of deep meditation in five days? This is exactly what Dave Asprey set out to do when he created the program called 40 Years of Zen. He combined ancient wisdom with advanced neuroscience to create a five-day neurofeedback program that puts your brain into the same state as someone who has meditated for decades

The team creates a custom brain map that measures over 8,000 discrete variables. They analyze the data to identify unique signatures and design a custom protocol just for your brain. This is a specialized form of neurofeedback that targets special neural pathways to build up personal strengths, stop you from doing things that make you weak, and ultimately give you control over your own superpowers. In pod sessions, the technology allows for training on advanced meditation techniques. The facilitators use neural feedback and reset protocols that teach you to edit, turn off, and upgrade the voice in your head. It increases your threshold for stress while helping re-wire the things that stress you out. You can take on more with less energy and become more resilient. 

Included in the program are world-class, cognitive-enhancing supplements. Imagine this is all done in a five-star facility in the Pacific Northwest US with delicious Bulletproof meals prepared by an executive chef using the best local and organic foods. Graduates receive lifetime access to the online mastermind community. There are a maximum of 4 people in each group per training with up to two groups each week.

I've spent over a million dollars upgrading my brain and biology and 40 Years of Zen is the #1 most impactful Biohack I've used in my entire life.

Program Benefits:
  • Upgrade executive function
  • Enhance relationships
  • Increase IQ and EQ
  • Free up your energy
  • Be better now not later
  • Expand consciousness

As you can imagine, this experience is not cheap. A ticket for this program costs $15K. 

In the Virtual Biohacking Conference today, they gave away two tickets to 40 Years of Zen. I watched the live feed and heard Dave Asprey read my name for the first ticket.

It is perhaps a rare moment when I don't have the words to express my gratitude for this opportunity.

This sounds AMAZING! Congratulations. I am very very jealous. This sounds like exactly like what I need. I hope you will get everything you want our of this experience and share it with us in all the mediums you are currently sharing content in. 
2021-05-10 01:57:25
Thank you! Of course, I'll be documenting the experience.
2021-05-10 02:26:18