Reframing stress

Stress is debilitating…at least that’s what pop culture would have you believe. 

Three powerful studies on the topic of stress demonstrated that 1) stress doesn’t have to be debilitating and 2) when you frame stress as something that can enhance performance you end up responding better mentally and physically to stressful situations. 

How you frame stress, it turns out, can make all the difference. 

As you encounter stressful moments throughout the week, try reframing the feelings of stress as your mind and body’s way of preparing you to take on the challenge in front of you. 

In this way, stress becomes an asset instead of an enemy. 

Short-term stress is fine, and as you point out, it can even be beneficial. I believe the word "eustress" was coined to describe this. Scott Carney uses the term "wedge" to describe a method of putting a separation between the environment and stressors around us and how we react to them. That said, I think long-term stress is not good and should be minimized. 
2021-05-10 19:43:04
 Agreed on all fronts here. The effects of long term stress is something in particular that I think younger adults need to be educated on - I feel like too many of my peers are quick to undertake long term stress to achieve what they think will make them happy only to realize after the achievement that they're not as happy as they thought with a myriad of physical & mental side effects to boot. 
2021-05-11 21:25:56