Seeing the funny side of everything

Today I saw
Substance Abraham Kim
  use an example of a version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow to make a point about the origins of creativity. Rather than choose to engage in thoughtful contemplation, my mind chose to go where it usually goes--humor. I recognized the version of the song he referenced. While it's a great version of the song, I do not give it a full 10/10 score due to the ending. The singer devolves into some sort of grunting at the end, which belies the equanimity and beauty infused throughout the rest of the song. I even stated that he was "dogging it" at the end. 

I wonder if there is anyone else who has listened to this song and had a similar take on the ending. Am I the only one who finds it at the very least strange or out of character compared to the rest of the song? You know what, I bet there are some people out there who say the ending is their favorite part.

I even sent Abe an audio clip with my assessment of this song that makes me chuckle. Maybe other people don't find things like this funny but I do. What was that point again about substance? I guess I need to let the giggles die down before getting all serious.
I honestly have never heard the end of the song or have never remembered it lol.

This song is widespread not because of the end but rather the beginning.

I'd say people tune out even after the second line because they're already now into the thing they are doing.

What I mean by this is I imagine this song being so big at events like parties and weddings. And it just is like a lubricant that allows people to get into the present mood and appreciate what's happening. That's what I see as the
of this song.
2021-05-11 14:33:23