One of the great benefits of using Bcc is that when someone attempts to "Reply all" with your email, the addresses placed in the Bcc field are not used in the reply.

I'm not too fond of getting an email that is part of a reply, and the first half page of the email is all the email addresses of the people who were sent the original email. It gets even more frustrating when other people then "Reply All" to join in on the conversation.

I think that there should be a hard and fast rule, that if you want to send an email to any more than three people, then you must use the Bcc field for those email addresses. I do this frequently, and it prevents all and sundry from flooding my inbox with unnecessary and mundane responses. After all, email is not a suitable tool for group chat.

Email communication should be concise and targeted. Have one email address in the To field and two addresses in the Cc. If you need to send an email to any more than three people, then put their email address in the Bcc field, as they are usually only being included for information purposes. Some commonsense when addressing emails can go a long way to cut down spam.
I came in here with a comment ready but it doesn't apply in the context mentioned above. I am never in these type of email as groupchat monstrosities so i never considered this usecase of 

I think it's a symptom of organizational-design failure when email is being used like this.
2021-05-11 15:20:01
You make a great case for using BCC (not to be confused with BBC), but I am not in the habit of using it. I can see how you would be frustrated with your inbox zero approach, whereas I have become accustomed to multiple messy inboxes.
2021-05-11 16:00:22