Rollercoaster football

This football season has been a rollercoaster ride for my favourite team, the Richmond  Tigers. After they had clinched the premiership in the last two seasons, they have had some big losses to counter this year.

Last week Richmond e got belted by the Geelong Cats, and I could bear to watch the second half of the game. Tonight we are playing the Greater Western Sydney Giants, and after being twenty-eight points down in the third quarter, we came back to win by five points. 

The family was out for dinner tonight, and so I couldn't watch the game on TV. I kept checking the score every few minutes and was disappointed when the Giants went to an early lead. I kept telling myself it is just a game and to let it go. I am a fair-weather support, preferring to barrack for my team when they are winning. I need to be willing to take the losses with the wins and not get so upset about losing.

Thank God we won tonight because it gives us five wins after nine games.  A loss would have had Richmond fall away from the leaders, and it would be hard to recover from there.

I'm riding high tonight at the top of the rollercoaster. I hope that next week my team is not down the bottom again.

Aussie Rules