Is it impossible or you just don't know how to yet?

Things we can do now like space travel, lightbulbs, and invisibility cloaks (yes, you heard me right. A team at Duke figured it out) were all once thought to be impossible. 

It turns out that none of these were impossible problems, we were just in the process of figuring out how to solve them. 

Don’t mistake a hard problem for being an impossible one — very few things are truly impossible. 

The next time you’re facing a hard problem, ask yourself: “is this really impossible or do I just not know how I’ll solve it yet?” 

If you realize that you just don’t know how to solve it yet, then the next question to ask is: “how far will I go to figure out how to do it?” 

With enough tenacity, time, and focus it turns out that people are very good at figuring out how to do “impossible” things.