There’s the feeling that you’re starting something, and then there’s actually starting something.

The difference is important. 

Scheduling a meeting to talk about doing something isn’t starting. 

Thinking about doing something isn’t starting. 

Here’s a rule of thumb: if the work only exists in your mind, you have not started yet. 

Seth Godin put it best in his book Poke the Box where he writes that “[starting is] going beyond the point of no return. Leaping. Committing. Making something happen.” 

What kind of work do you care about the most? How will you start? 

Like this concept of going beyond a point of return. This is what they say how all good stories operate. Each action, dialogue, scene moves the story forward in a way where you can't just go back. 

Is there anything in your professional life that you are making such moves in?
2021-05-20 02:17:17