Baron Bliss

I'm always on the lookout for a good name (and also non-names). I guess I would have fit right in at Basecamp in the early days. Nowadays, I can only admire the names from afar or commit them to memory lest the woke mob come after me for making a list and sharing it with other name-admirers.

Today's name Baron Bliss comes courtesy of my client, and yes it's a real name.
may be interested to know that Baron works in the same department as good ol' Bradford. Baron's title is Business Intelligence Analyst, which adds another layer of intrigue. Of course, one can't help but make the connection to Donald Trump's son Barron, who seemingly grew two feet during the Trump Presidency. 

There is the notion that your name is your destiny. I remember reading one study that suggested a correlation between the first letter of the name (can't remember first or last) and a child's grades in school. A's and B's in a name correlated with A's and B's on the report card. For me, it was A's in case you are curious.

I would be curious to know if Baron is a happy-go-lucky person who is blissful. 

By the way, Elvis died a month before I was born, and I was almost named Elvis, Imagine that one.