Using advanced brain-enhancing supplements to unlock God Mode

During the Virtual Biohacking Conference, I watched a presentation by Matt Gallant, co-founder of Bio-Optimizers and Nootopia. Nootopia is his new company that focuses on nutraceuticals--supplements designed specifically for enhancing brain function. The presentation included a character named Mr. Noots who was shown only in shadow with his voice altered. Mr. Noots is the inventor of these proprietary blends, and they want to keep the secret sauce secret. I was impressed with the presentation and joined the BioTribe membership to try these products. I'm no stranger to supplements, but this is the first time that I'm trying nutraceuticals for brain enhancement.

My package of nutraceuticals called Focused Ferocity arrived yesterday. Today is Day 1 of my "journey to God Mode" as the pamphlet describes. There are five phases to complete over the course of two months.

1. The Brain Goals: Find and create stacks that:
A) Bring your brain and performance to 100% of its true potential every single day.
B) Activate and shift your brain into specific STATES that make it easier for you to succeed at your goals.
C) Unlock new states that you've never experienced before.

2. Experimentation - In the first 30 days, experiment with combinations, timing, and dosages that are aligned with my circadian rhythms, neurochemistry, and goals. The "attack dose" (starter dose) and speed-of-dosing can make a big difference.

3. Neurogenesis - This is when the brain and neurons grow and form in new ways, which is one of the key benefits of using the Nootopia stacks over time. The positive effects are going to build up and "level up" my brain's baseline. The effects get more and more effective over time.

4. Optimization -
Optimization 1 - My formula will be tweaked each month based on my monthly feedback. It usually takes two or three cycles to dial it in.
Optimization 2 - I can shift stacks each month. If there's one not working for me, I can switch to another one. The company will also be releasing new stacks to experiment with.

5. Apex Performance (God Mode) - This state happens once you dial in your nervous system, neurochemistry, and hormones to the sweet spot. This is when brain function is optimum and you can shift states at will. 

Here is what is included in my first bundle:
  • Deep work supporter stack (Focused Savagery + Upbeat). Focused savagery is a capsule that provides aggression, energy, drive, focus, memory, and confidence. Upbeat is a capsule that lifts your mood and creates a sense of well-being, reduction in tension and aggravation, more empathy, and more creativity.
  • Genius Activator (Nectar x + Brain Flow). Nectar X powder provides immediate levels of optimism, more ambition and drive, greater learning and retention, and increased mental endurance. Brain Flow is a capsule that eliminates feelings of anxiousness and tendency toward fear.
  • Mental Reboot - Designed to clear the "fog" from the brain.
  • Neuro Primer Stack (Apex + Brain Flow). Apex is a capsule that creates a state of calmness, boosting energy, creativity, and focus. 

  • Social Command Stack (Power Solution + Upbeat). Power solution is a powder that is a potent drink that is great for increased aggression, drive, all-day energy, maximum mental clarity and stamina. 

  • Zamner Juice - Spray that provides a good "mood booster" anytime you need it.

There is a lot of information here, and it's actually a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, the company makes it easy with a companion app and specific instructions for each day. The first instruction was to mix a tube of Nectar X powder with 24 ounces of water. Drink half immediately and then water the rest down and sip over two hours. As noted above, the benefits of Nectar X are the following: immediate levels of increased optimism, more ambition and drive, greater learning and retention, and increased mental endurance.

One important note is that many of the nootropics potentiate caffeine, meaning that they greatly increase caffeine's effects. For example, 1 cup of coffee may perform like 3-5 cups of coffee. For this reason, they recommend switching to decaf coffee or eliminating coffee while taking some of the nootropics. As a result, I skipped Bulletproof coffee this morning and went straight for Nectar X.

It's been about forty minutes, and I'm not sure how to describe how I feel. I'm definitely alert and focused compared to when I first woke up this morning when I was a bit groggy. I blame the big steak dinner last night for that.

My favorite aspect of this experience is the customization and experimentation. Every person's brain is different and we all have different goals. I'm going to give it the ol' college try and see if I can level up my brain and feel the difference in my performance. I will be documenting my experience in a new project. I know
is interested.
Oh yes I am. I was getting excited as I read this post. They are all sounding like the NZT I have been hunting for.
I would love to read about your entire journey and changes like you mention in the last paragraph as you progress. Especially past the initial phase. It would be great if you can tap your brain specifically for energy and motivation - everything else will come naturally if those two arrive. Thank you for sharing this. 
2021-05-29 15:30:31

Nootopia - Upgrading Brain Performance