Thinking about insanity and freedom

Insanity is being unable to escape the cage of your thinking. That is one of the largest human challenges - to emerge afresh, anew. Experience records itself in the mind, and the mind simulates it. The mind wants to have an accurate interpretation of experience, and of how reality works in general. Knowing how things work, lets the mind feel in control. The world is infinitely complex and is made of dynamic systems and processes. The 3D perceptual apparatus is optimized to operate with objects. The mental models embedded in language are mainly object-based. Some concepts represent highly dynamic processes of the mind entangled with emotions. Like love, or freedom.

What is freedom?

The common definition is; "The ability of an individual to think or speak as he wants." To think and to speak and maybe to act but acting is within the rules of society. The environment (or medium in the internet realm) enables or disables freedom to certain degrees. An individual can choose the environment where he desires to express himself, given the rules of the medium.

Money-enabled freedom,

In the world we inhabit, one can get access to certain experiences for an amount of money. Money is something that we have invented to transfer value. An experience can carry a value that is matched with a price set by the individual who is providing that particular experience. One way to get access to extraordinary experiences is to pay for them. Then, money can be considered in some cases an enabler of freedom.

An environment essentially is constituted by a network of individuals providing value in some ways. The network amplifies and creates value for each individual involved. The value is not monetary. Freedom within a network is a byproduct of engagement within that particular community.
Replies to Thinking about insanity and freedom
Enjoying these type of exploratory posts by you. Gives me a lot of food for thought. Also I imagine them not being so hard to write because it's just you giving form to ideas in your head?
2021-05-30 15:02:46
 you're spot-on. This writeup was spontaneous written in a burst of insight, in an epiphany moment. I wrote it more for myself with the intention to elaborate on it later. I know it is rather abstract and many of the ideas I've thrown in there aren't clearly articulated. I should pick it up and tie the loose ends.
2021-06-01 23:04:30