Changing the Club Permit Scheme

VicRoads is the government agency that manages driver licences and car registrations in Victoria. For the owners of historic cars in Victoria, VicRoads offers a discounted registration called a "Club Permit".

The "Club Permit" allows enthusiastic members of a car club to register and drive their historic vehicle on the road for up to ninety days a year while paying a fraction of the registration fee. It makes owning a weekend roadster a lot more affordable.

In the last week, VicRoads has put out a summary paper of changes for the Club Permit Scheme. They are hoping to address some of the inconsistencies in the regulations and cut back the abuse of the scheme, where people set up their own car club to get cheaper registration.

Currently, a vehicle must be twenty-five years or older to be eligible for the scheme. However, VicRoads proposes extending that to thirty years to bring the regulations in line with other states. This will be a very unpopular move, as there will be many people who this decision will disenfranchise and would have to wait a further five years to qualify. It seems illogical to make this change only to align with other states. Why don't the other states align with Victoria? 

But, unfortunately, a few bad eggs are spoiling this for everyone else, and I don't think others who are doing the right thing should be penalised for that. What VicRoads should focus on enforcing the rules and ensuring that those abusing the scheme are identified and deregistered.

So it's time I wrote VicRoads a letter.

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