30, the new 25

I wrote the other day about VicRoads' proposed changes to the Club Permit Scheme for Victorian car club members. In particular, they are considering increasing the age threshold for vehicle eligibility from 25 years to 30 years.

Since 2014, the Zoom-Zoom club has approved more than two hundred applications for new Club Permit registrations and over five hundred renewals. Members enjoy their weekend roadsters because the discounted registration associated with a Club Permit makes it cost-effective to own one.

VicRoads have stated they want to change the age threshold for vehicle eligibility to the same as other states. Currently, all other states have their eligibility at 30 years. The Zoom-Zoom club opposes this change. The justification for the change is inadequate, and the impact on club members is significant.

I can't see how a change in this threshold can be implemented fairly. It will disadvantage club members who need to wait for their vehicle to be eligible. If a members car is close but not quite 25 years old, they will potentially need to wait another five years before joining the scheme. They would be justified in being disappointing if another club member was able to get Club Permit registration for a 25-year-old car just a month or two before them.

If it is going to be fair, they may need to make the change retrospective. That is, VicRoads should de-register any car that currently has Club Permit registration but is yet to reach 30 years of age. I can't see them doing this, as the uproar would be immense. If they can't change it for existing Club Permits, then they shouldn't change for those who are patiently waiting to qualify.

Time to hop off my soapbox now and finish my letter to VicRoads.

Zoom Zoom